A healer,a teacher, a student at heart. Life truly is a beautiful adventure.
Everywhere i`ve been has led me to exactly where i am today and i wouldn`t have it any other way.

 I`ve always been very curious,active,wild,happy and passionet about life. 

From early age of 4 i started rhytmic gymnastics. This sport became a pillar in my life! After 13 years my gymnastic journey came to an end.

It taught me habits and values. This sport requires a lot of discipline and dedication.


When i found yoga,  started practicing on my own for recovering from previous injuries.


Yoga was simply another way to realign my body and to grow stronger , and be healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. I love yoga, and I love yoga-ing. My journey courses with inspiring ups and transforming downs. There are so many paths, and I know my path is only one of many, full of ideals and practices inspired by others. We live a life capable of being inspired, passionate, let down, angry, sad, and best of all…happy.

We live in dualities and variations of polarities. We aim for balance, for our neutral, aware that there are many different truths to finding neutral. 

I was fortunate enough to become a student of yoga in 2016. 

To be able to share my passion for yoga through teaching has been one of my life’s greatest gifts. It inspires change and growth in my life daily. Yoga allows me to meet a vast and diverse group of people all connected by one great love for yoga & movement.

Now i can`t imagine my life without it, it became a part of my everyday, and lifelong journey. My flow classes & workshops demonstrate my devotion for the practice. A blend of fun, invigorating flow and insightful instruction with conscious movement.

My mission is to create space for people to peel away the layers imposed by society to connect with their hearts, and to live joyfully from their most authentic way. I wish people to be happy and peace where they are. On the way to their choosen path combined with believing in themselves, their strength and what they have to offer to this in themselves. To help them find it through yoga is a true gift for me. :-) 

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